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costa-blanca-alarm-cctv-professional-security-service WE INSTALL ALARMS & CCTV unemployment caused by Coronavirus has led to an increase in burglaries Find out More monitor-your-home-security-from-your-mobile Monitor your property from your mobile Protect your home / Office Against Burglary & Crime Get a free quote security-cameras-cctv-installation YOUR HOME SECURITY SPECIALISTS WE INSTALL HOME ALARM SYSTEMS ON THE COSTA BLANCA Contac US cctv-to-protect-your-home-or-business Secure Your Home with our home alarm system NO CONTRACT, MONTHLY FEES OR MAINTENANCE COSTS GET IN TOUCH

Costa Blanca Home Security, Alarm and CCTV Installation Service

Secure your home on the Costa Blanca with our home security systems

costa blanca home securityYou’ve relocated to Spain or have a holiday home here on the Mediterranean. Your home, garage or business is filled with your possessions – we can make sure that they are protected from being stolen.

Holiday homes are particularly vulnerable to thieves, especially in rural areas, and are often ransacked. In isolated areas, thieves can strip a house bare at their leisure and an unmonitored alarm won’t be a deterrent if there’s no-one around to hear it.This Covid 19 crisis has also unfortunately led to an increase in break ins on the Costa Blanca. It is now even more important to secure your home.

If you value your security and peace of mind, Costa Blanca Home Security has the solution for you. 

Home Security Spain is a security company operating on the Costa Blanca, specialising in the installation & servicing of wired and wire-free alarm systems. We also install Home CCTV systems, and offer a free security checkup of your property. This includes a comprehensive home security review of your home, and how to secure it from intruders. We will help Keep what’s yours, yours.

We recommend visiting your property so we can asses your home, storage or business. We will give you our recommendations on what you need to do to secure your property. We have various types of alarm systems to suit your budget. Not everybody can afford an expensive alarm system, some people can only afford a basic home security alarm system for peace of mind.

When we come to evaluate your property, we can discuss all the alarm system options we have to suit your budget. We also install CCTV surveillance cameras for your property or your business. The CCTV cameras will be connected to your mobile phone, for real time access to the video feeds.

Our Home Alarm and CCTV Installation services

Costa Blanca Home Alarm Installation

alarm and cctv installation serviceThere are many companies in Spain that install home alarm and cctv systems. You are then contracted to pay a monthly fee for this service. Not everybody can afford or wants to pay a monthly subscription for an alarm system. Over time these costs can add up to thousands of Euros. our alarm systems come with no contract, no monthly fees  or maintenance costs.

You can have your house security at the tip of your fingers with the latest up to date alarm system on the market. Our home alarm will to protect your home or property remotely. Our home alarm systems come with an app connected to your mobile, which will keep you updated.

You will receive a message on your phone the moment someone tries to enter your property. Our home alarm systems can be customised to your specific home security needs. The home alarm system will include key fobs, remote control, the home alarm control panel, an internal and external alarm siren, motion sensors, door and window sensors. READ MORE

Protect your home with CCTV.

CCTV, closed circuit television is a great way of keeping an eye on your property and your possessions.  You do not need to worry about what’s happening while you’re away.

Costa Blanca Home security can install various CCTV systems depending on your needs and requirements.

WiFi Cameras

costa blanca cctv installationCCTV Surveillance cameras have advanced a lot over the last few years. You can have an option of CCTV cameras that don’t need cables, you connect them via your wifi. Working via WiFi from your home router, you can place the cameras anywhere within WiFi range and connect them to the recorder (NVR – network video recorder). This will give you the ability to record and view any movement or intruder on your property from your mobile phone no matter where you are in the world.

The cameras are linked in to your mobile phone and you get a notification on your phone when movement is detected. You can quickly check the cameras to see who’s in your property.

There are also wired CCTV Camera systems to choose from. READ MORE



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