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Alarm Installation Services Costa Blanca

We install various alarm systems, tailored to suit your budget and your security needs. We will not try and oversell. The first thing we will determine from you, is how much you want to invest in your alarm system. We fit home alarm systems to suit all budgets.

Check out this great video by FHA Security, for a comprehensive guide on what to consider when installing a home alarm system:

We offer the same alarm installation services options as discussed in the video, from an affordable home alarm service to a more comprehensive alarm installation, to suit all expectations and budgets.

Budget Home Alarm System

Alarm installation servicesNot Everybody can afford to spend a fortune on home security on the Costa Blanca. We can install an affordable home alarm system. this system has an alarm with infrared sensor and motion detector. It comes fitted with a remote control. It is a complete standalone motion sensor alarm system, it is a good choice for homes, garage, offices, shops, caravans or boats.

It has a sound range up to 80m, an infrared sensor detection range of about 16 – 26 feet, with a very loud alarm. It is remote controlled, and you activates and deactivate the system even from outside.

Basic Alarm System

Our alarm installation services include various systems depending on your budget

This system is more advanced than the budget alarm system. It includes PIR motion detectors, door and window sensors. This allows you to secure a larger property, including various rooms, doors and windows. We recommend this alarm system for people that want something basic and simple to use.

It is the system we advise those who might be not as technologically minded or don’t have Internet in their property to install. The external alarm will sound and alert neighbours of any intruder. PIR Movement Detectors will pick up any movement inside the property. Door Contacts can protect windows and doors when they are forced open. The system can be armed via either a remote control or via a keypad with a code.

The remote control is perfect if you’ll be the only one going in and out of the property, but a keypad is recommended for those that have key holders or renters going in and out. The system is one of the budget alarms we install, however it’s still a great and reliable system. It has its disadvantages such as not notifying anyone when it goes off.

Wireless Alarm Systems

home alarm mobile applicationThe range of security options for our systems is ultimately up to you.
Our core product sets include combinations of:

  • An external visible and audible alarm/siren
  • PIR detectors for movement detection

  • Security cameras for remote detection and capture of burst sequences

  • Window alarms – pressure, impact and closure

  • Door alarms

  • Entry/exit keypad

  • Key fobs

All of these components are managed through the controller and home bridge for secure remote access so that you have complete control and visibility from any smart device. You can configure numerous separate zones for absolute control of your property, however big. It is best to talk to us to explore our range of options available to you.

We Also Service Alarms

We don’t just install new alarms and CCTV. If you have a wireless or wired alarm system that isn’t working properly, give us a call, send an email or use our whatsapp chat button below to get in touch.  Servicing your alarm might fix any issues it has had that is not making it work properly. We do suggest having your alarm serviced every year to make sure it’s working properly and all batteries are in good condition.

There’s no point in having an alarm system if it is not working properly. We do servicing for all types of alarm systems, we can look in to getting it running. Not only do we service our own alarms systems we have installed, but also other alarms or even ones you have installed yourself.We also provide backup batteries for wired systems that are failing every time there’s a power failure. Whatever your problem, we’ll do our best to get it working properly.

Our alarm installation services include a free on site evaluation

We offer an on site survey of the premises and a no obligation quote given to you. Apart from our home alarm installation services, we also recommend coming to your home or business, so we can evaluate and recommend what we think you need to do to secure your property. You can ask for more or less alarm and security options to ensure we suit your budget. Please remember, we will never sell you something you don’t need. Feel free to get in touch for a no obligations survey of your premises.



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