Home alarm installation Costa Blanca

Home alarm installation Costa Blanca, is it necessary? In this post we will explain why home alarm installation is important for home security on the Costa Blanca. Many people living on the Costa Blanca here in Spain are considering installing a home or business alarm or CCTV to improve their security.

Recently we visited a new client who had their home broken into when they were away on holiday. We were doing a survey of the property to establish where to install the alarm system. The Police happened to be present at the same time, and we were chatting to them about the various options for improving home security here on the Costa Blanca. They said that many people, especially non native Spanish residents, get pressured into getting a home alarm installed by one of the big expensive home security companies.

These companies install alarms and then charge quite an expensive monthly subscription. There is the promise of if an alarm goes off, the company will contact the police, and they will come rushing to check the property. They said that is not correct, the police do not come to inspect properties every time an alarm goes off.

home alarm installation costa blanca

Home alarm installation Costa Blanca

According to the police, they are well aware that many people cannot afford an expensive monthly subscription for an alarm or CCTV system on the Costa Blanca. They suggested the best way to secure your home or business, is to have an alarm system installed according to your budget. Like the alarm systems we install, you only pay once for the alarm and installation. We will also make sure that the system we install will suit your budget.

Because of the pandemic crisis, there has been an upsurge of break-ins  and robberies in houses, garages as well business premises. For this reason and for peace of mind, we do recommend installing an alarm system and also CCTV. The police have reiterated to us that the best way to secure a prosecution is if you have actually captured footage of the burglar. A potential criminal will often be put off from breaking into a property if they see CCTV cameras.

CCTV to your mobile phone

There are also numerous alarm and CCTV systems that are connected to your mobile, Ipad or computer. You will get a notification to your mobile if an alarm has triggered. This is the same with CCTV, if you have set it up, you will also get a notification that there is movement in your property. We are able to install, from a simple single alarm for a studio or garage, to a multi zone house or business alarm and CCTV system.

Feel free to contact us if you have a query about our home alarm installation Costa Blanca services, or if you want a free no obligation survey of your home or business to see if you need extra home security installed. We will help you secure your home.



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