How to avoid being scammed online

If you live on the Costa Blanca, it is not enough to secure your home, you also need to know how to avoid being scammed online. Online fraud in Spain is becoming more sophisticated and many people are being targeted by sophisticated scams. I was a target of a phishing scam recently.

how to avoid being scammed online

I had advertised my Mac Mini for sale on Milanuncios and was contacted by a lady called Lina. She seemed really keen to purchase my computer, and sent me a link to add my bank details so she could make payment. This is the link she sent me to:

email and mobile phone security

It was so tempting, she sounded so sweet, this is what she messaged me: Okay, I think I’m ready to buy. I’m from Bilbao. I want to make a purchase through “Secure Transactions” on the Milanuncios website. If you agree, I will formalise everything and pay right now. If this would be convenient for you to transfer the merchandise to the courier? He will come to your house. And right now you will receive money on your bank card.☺️.

If I had gone ahead and clicked on the link, added my bank details, I would have been a victim of online fraud in Spain. I would have had money transferred out of my bank account as well as I would have lost my Mac Mini.

I will now go through how to avoid being scammed online.

  • Check where the message came from, most websites that sell have their own secure message service, Lina was contacting me through WhatsApp.
  • If somebody is prepared to pay for an item without seeing it or negotiating the price, they are probably an online scammer.
  • Mobile phones are not the best device to add bank details on. They can be highly targeted and sophisticated, using brand impersonation or phishing websites to try and convince victims to hand over their passwords or financial information.
  • Use a desktop or at least a tablet to check the link and make sure that it exactly the same as where you have advertised your product, as mentioned mobiles have a smaller screen and it is easier to miss small differences. if you look at a screen grab of the link she sent the .75205.0nline is not correct, it should read
  • In my case, Mil Anuncios would have emailed me or messaged me directly to let me know I had received an offer to purchase my pc, if you get a 3rd party message like a WhatsApp it is an online phishing scam.

We have recently noticed a huge increase in online fraud and phishing scams taking place here is the Costa Blanca. There are so many online scams, many from so called Amazon, Ebay and Wallapop.

We have set up a service to compliment our home security, alarm and CCTV installation services we offer. We now offer a service where we will consult with you on how to avoid being scammed online. Feel free to contact us for further information regarding how we can help you stay secure here on the Costa Blanca.

Our services to protect from phishing and online fraud include:

  • A visit to your home or business to check that your PC has all the latest security software installed.
  • Your router / wifi will be also be evaluated to make sure that it is secure.
  • We can also offer advice on how to make sure your smartphone is secure, and is updated to the latest operating system.
  • We will also give a comprehensive breakdown on what steps you can take to ensure you will not fall victim to an online phishing scam.








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