How to make my home more secure

How to make my home more secure, this is a question many people on the Costa Blanca are asking. We have seen a big increase in burglaries. This is partly due to the effects of Covid, it has pushed up the crime statistics.

We will go through a few simple and cost effective ways to improve home security and secure your home from burglars on the Costa Blanca. These tips will not include the obvious advice we give to our clients to have an alarm and CCTV system installed, these are extra security measure to help improve home security, or protect your business from burglars.


how to make my home more secure

How to make my home more secure from burglars

To start off you really need to ask yourself , “can I see any obvious vulnerabilities?”  I would start by taking a walk around the outside of your property or business and see if there is a way to get in. Once you have done this I would continue with the following:

  • Check the perimeter wall, is it high enough, or easy to climb over?
  • Are there any trees or objects that help potential burglars to climb over the wall?
  • Be sure to remove branches or objects that will assist a potential criminal from climbing over and entering your property.
  • Are your gates lockable? If this is not the case we do suggest getting a locksmith to add a lock, or even using a padlock and chain to secure them.
  • Install outside lights that have motion sensors, there is nothing that puts off a burglar more than having a bright light turn on as they are skulking around your property.
  • Check the entrances of your house or business. Are they flimsy? If so we suggest changing the doors for a more secure one or adding an extra bolt to the door.
  • It goes without saying that your windows should have burglar bars, or secure shutters.
  • If you are going away on holiday or even for a weekend, let your neighbours know so that they can keep an eye on your place.
  • We also suggest installing a timer switch and connecting it to a light if you are not in. A light that randomly comes on and off give the appearance that somebody is in.
  • Arrange a meeting with your neighbours and create a whatsapp group. You can all keep an eye on each other’s properties, and message each other if you happen to see anything suspicious. Potential burglars will be put off a neighbourhood if they see the residents are actively keeping their eyes open
  • Advertise the fact that you have created a whatsapp home security group, many printers on the Costa Blanca will create signs that you can put up in your neighbourhood.
  • Follow our Facebook Page to keep up with all of our news and security updates that we regularly post.
  • Make sure you have the telephone number of the emergency services -112 on your mobile phone, as well as clearly visible next to your landline.
  • Always set your alarm when leaving your home or business. We have been informed of numerous break in’s that have taken place when people have literally just popped out to the shops, dropped their kids off at school or taken the dogs for a quick bathroom break.
  • Do not open your door to any cold callers. This is especially important to elderly people as their age is often exploited. If you feel that you need to let them in ask them to return when you have a neighbour or family present.

I hope our article on “How to make my home more secure” has been of a help to you. Remember we offer a free no obligations home security review here on the Costa Blanca. Feel free to get in touch to find out how we can secure your home, business and possessions from burglars.



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